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2010 Madness Day

2010-09-22 18:28:22 by 34Deadman

Hey NG happy Madness Day! This is my first time celebrating it and Madness is awesome. Anyway hope you enjoy today!

Fighting Gravity

2010-09-08 20:27:58 by 34Deadman

There first performance. PxEY

The Room Tribute walkthrough

2010-09-04 14:21:33 by 34Deadman

The Room Tribute

I noticed some people have difficulty getting some medals in this game so I am going to list the medals I know how to get hope this helps you. If you want the help that is if not don't continue reading.


Cup of Johnny(10 points)- order a cup of hot chocolate medium sized

Disgusting sandwhich(10 points)- obvious to get a slice of bread(slice the bread loaf to get one slice of bread). The open all the cabinets underneath the sink there you'll find a blue jar then place the jar on the slice of bread then there sould be a sponge near the kitchen sink put that on the sandwhich. From here you should look at the lower left area of the kitchen and see a dead mouse. Grab it and put that on the sandwhich then top the sandwhich(you gussed it) another slice of bread.

Perfect Drug(50 points)- Taunt first everytime its your turn(only use it once) then throw something at Chirs after you taunt(note again taunt first only one time is needed) but you need PERFECT aim to get the 3- damage.

Payback(25 points)- When you on full rage(day 9) go to the bank and kill you boss and it is really easy Johnny rips of the bosses heart for his attack.

Rainmaker(25 points) in rage mode(day 9) you remember Chris R steals your car? He is at the park(to the right of the police station) once you get there he will be on top of the car. What I did was I clicked on him and procceded to chase him(you have to catch him then Johnny kills him and it rains blood after the killing). I don't know if you have to click him but I did and it worked.

The Room(25 points)- When in rage(day 9) go to the crack on the wall near Dennys room. Punch it and you are in the room.

Bugged(25 points)- On day one go to the electronic store and buy a recorder and place it near the phone in johnnys house(first floor near the picture of a spoon). I checked it eveyday but you only need to ckeck it on day 3 4 and 9 after the party.

Best Friend(25 points) This time you have to defeat Mark(Johnnys BF) just use the same startegy when you defeated Chris R. Note: after you taunt Mark wont attack you if he falls for your taunt that is.

The Machine(50 points)Collect all the spoons. Then after you die with the 10 spoons you get the med.
Fire Spoon: in Marks fire place
Kitchen Spoon: in Johnnys kicthen on the table
Wood spoon: located on one of the trees near the park entrance
Time spoon: its on the back to the future car
Shank spoon: In the prison cell were Chris R stays(for awhile anyway)
Sinister spoon: its on the skeleton in the ally
A.I spoon: its on the ghetto blaster in the electronic store
Flower spoon: it's on the pot in the flower store(outside on the left glass frame)
Stone stone: walk to the lefft at the bank and you need to look around were the stones are there you should spot it
chlorophyl spoon: its on one of the bushes in the park

For the unseen medal(50 points)
Day 1 - go to Mark's room
Day 1 - instead of going upstairs right away when it's nap time, go to the kitchen and come back
Day 3 or 5- After leaving Denny home go back in his room
Day 6 - after playing tuxedo football, before washing, go into Mark's room
Day 7 - after leaving the coffee shop from meeting with Mark, go back in
Day 9 - When you see Lisa and here mom getting things ready for the party go back into your house and you'll see Lisa mom holding a ballon and farting into it.

BookWorm(25 points)- Read Dennys Dairy every day.
Runner (25) - Win the footrace with Mark. In the Park.
Quarterback (50) - Perfect pass every time
Receiver (50) - Catch the ball every time
Destroyer (25) - Smash everything in the living room and upstairs when raging(day 9). And I think You need to kill eveyone I am not sure to sure about the killing.
Pusher (25) - Win the pushing contest with Mark (day 9, party)